How to Accelerate Your Sales Funnel with Conversation Intelligence and Automation

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While 2020 has been unpredictable, some trends that are clearly here to stay. Remote work and online events will continue, expediting the need for businesses to deliver digital experiences to customers. Technologies that facilitates lead qualification, enhances CRM data with customer insights, and identifies missed opportunities in real time can accelerate a business successfully into today’s selling landscape.

Join our upcoming webinar to discover how your business can use automation and conversation intelligence to provide today’s buyers with the experiences they demand. Learn how your business can:

  • Connect effectively with prospects when they are ready to engage
  • Route prospects efficiently with automation
  • Seamlessly gather information that integrates with your CRM
  • Quickly reach prospects where an opportunity was missed

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John Chesemore

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Matt Berman

CEO of Sonar

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