How to really know what’s happening on your inbound sales calls 

Hint: No listening required! 

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You know your business drives revenue from phone calls. But do you know how much revenue you lose on these calls?  Do you know how well your team handled the call?

You can quickly and easily know the outcome of every call: 

  • Without listening to call recordings 
  • Without adding new call tracking numbers (CTNs) 
  • Without changing your current call platform 

Get more compelling information from the data you already obtain and use it to: 

  • Improve call performance and outcomes 
  • Understand where to spend your time 
  • Provide a better caller experience 

Learn how you can use your own data to get the insights you need to gain clarity,  improve the customer experience and increase revenue.  


Featured Speakers:


Cynthia Dalrymple

Marchex Solution Expert

Rob Mumford

Product Marketing Director

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