Hello Zipwhip User. Here's your alternative for business text messaging  - Marchex Sonar

Why Marchex Sonar?

Much like Zipwhip, Sonar allows you to:

  • Text-enable your existing landline for texting
  • Allow for individual or shared inboxes
  • Integrate with top CRM systems

Unlike Zipwhip or any other provider in the industry, Marchex Sonar enables with unparalleled features:

  • Natural language AI and AI-powered conversation flows
  • Robust permission sets and detailed company hierarchy (over 70 customizable permissions)
  • Highly customizable workflows

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What our customers say

“I think the service level that's provided by the Sonar team is really what sets Sonar apart. They have just been absolutely phenomenal.”

Capri Jensen
Sales Operations Manager


Marchex is recognized as an innovator and industry leader

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